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Kelsey offers a number of trainings discussing trauma, resilience, loving without limits, and learning to build the life you want to live. Please take a look at her offerings below. If you are interested in something specialized, Kelsey is happy to tailor a training to your specific needs. Please reach out and let her know what you are looking for, and and she can discuss how to make it happen.

What Wouldn’t I Do for You? 

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Five Things My Transgender Child Taught Me About Love, Advocacy, and the Limitations That Bind Us All.

As a survivor of childhood abuse, Kelsey has been determined to create a different type of home for her children: a home that gives her children agency; believes them when they say something is wrong; and most importantly, a home in which her children will know that they are loved exactly as they are. 

Through Kelsey’s thoughtful and motivational reflection on her journey to parent a transgender child, audience members will learn what having a transgender child taught Kelsey, gain deeper understanding of how to love without limits, advocate for the things that you care about (whether it is LGBTQ related or not), and how society’s gender expectations restrict us all in a variety of ways. 

Dare to be Free: Trauma, Healing, and Creating a New Path Forward

As humans in this society, many of us focus on creating mental health habits that allow us to “get through the day”, survive until tomorrow, or just get our work done and move on. We focus on accomplishing our short-term goals, but rarely create a deeper connection with our values and long-term desires.

Through Kelsey’s thoughtful and motivational reflection on her own healing journey, audience members gain a deeper understanding of trauma, the value of our shared experiences, and how we can take the difficult steps to begin crafting a new path forward. Each of us deserves not only to survive, but to thrive in a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. 


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