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Meet Kelsey


For the past four years, Kelsey has been a strong advocate for her community through her role on the Hastings School Board. Kelsey is a mom to two amazing kids, a current PhD student at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Vice Chair of the OutFront MN Action Board, and has advocated for LGBTQ inclusive policies at the local, state, and national level. Kelsey also holds master’s degrees in Statistics and Public Policy.


Kelsey's recent run for re-election to the Hastings School Board cast her family in the national spotlight after a group of parents outed her child to the larger community. Kelsey and her family turned this pain into purpose by using their experience to draw attention to the stigma transgender people face in their communities and the dangers of outing them. 

Given the events of the last year, Kelsey's commitment to advocating for transgender youth and their families has only strengthened. Kelsey has worked closely with other parents of LGBTQ children to found a non-profit called TransParent Alliance. TransParent Alliance aims to: 

  • Create a world where gender expansive and transgender children are safe, supported, and loved.

  • Provide support and education to parents and caregivers of transgender children as they navigate this journey and become their child's first ally. 

  • Empower parents by helping them understand their child's rights in Minnesota schools, and giving them the tools to put this knowledge into action.

  • Connect families to local resources, including support groups, legal advocacy organizations, medical professionals, and crisis services.

If you would like to learn more about our new organization, visit us at:

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