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Approach to Politics

Kelsey believes in a different type of politics; a politics that is positive, empowers people, and achieves real results for our communities. She is known for working with who she needs to in order to get results for her constituents. When it comes to negativity in politics, Kelsey doesn’t want to win this election because you dislike her less than the other candidate. She wants to win this election because she is simply the best candidate to represent our communities.


Kelsey believes that children deserve access to a public education that will allow them to reach their full potential. She also believes in moving more funding for schools to the state level to reduce the school districts’ dependence on bonds and levies and decrease the inequality caused by differences in property wealth. She believes that education is a freedom issue. Without education you are not free in many ways. Education tells you about the world and the possibilities in life. It teaches you to think, to notice, to be critical, and to get access to facts for yourself. Education offers freedom. Public education is publicly accessible and publicly accountable.

Doctor's Appointment

Affordable Health Care

Kelsey believes that access to health care is a human right. As a state, we need to stand up for every-day Minnesotans and do what we can to decrease drug prices, increase transparency, and combat the influence that the pharmaceutical industry has in politics and in healthcare

Clean Water

Kelsey believes that every family should have access to clean water. The wealthier corporations get, the more power they have to use their political influence to limit regulations, shifting the burden from private corporations to the public in order to increase their profits.  Businesses should pay the true cost of doing business and they should make sure that their products do no harm to the public.


Racial Inequality

Kelsey believes that the racial inequalities in our country are contrary to the freedoms that our country was founded on. She believes that all people should have the freedom to thrive. In order for that to happen, our leaders and our country must acknowledge the effects of our history. We must acknowledge the ways our history shapes our present and address these realities through public policy to move toward a future where all Americans are equally able to take advantage of the founding promises.

All Hands In

Reproductive Rights

Kelsey is pro-family. She believes that the decision whether or not to have a family or expand one is incredibly personal. Every person and every family’s situation is unique. We should respect that. This decision should be made with freedom from political interference. 

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Public Safety

As a military spouse, Kelsey respects people who are willing to wear a uniform in order to keep our communities safe. She also believes that we can make our communities, and our law enforcement safer. Police officers have been given roles that they should not be given such as mental health professionals. Sending police officers to a non-violent mental health call that would be better addressed by a social worker escalates the situation and takes the police away from calls that they are needed at.  We can and should look at how to support our police officers, while reimagining policing so that it can better serve our communities and our first responders.

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Through Kelsey’s experience as a military spouse, she has seen first hand some of the issues facing our veterans, and one of the most concerning aspects to her is their mental health. Veterans have been willing to risk their lives in order to protect our freedom, and for too many of these veterans, the system has failed them. This is unacceptable and our service members deserve better. We need to make sure that our veterans know that they can get help and where; just as they protected our freedom, we need to protect theirs. 


LGBTQ Rights

LGBTQ+ equity is incredibly important to Kelsey. She has lobbied legislators for the ban on conversion therapy. She has also worked with the Hastings school district and community to become more inclusive for LGBTQ people. She has been endorsed by OutFront Minnesota.

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